We do Yoga to make life more beautiful” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Where: North Fremantle Community Hall

When: 4:30 – 5:30pm

Cost: $15 / hour

Why: The tools taught in yoga and mindfulness classes will reduce anxiety, increase resilience, compassion and self-esteem; and help with a more relaxed and focused state during test taking. By creating more space in our bodies and our minds we become less reactive, we develop discipline and self-regulation and are more equipped to navigate the challenges faced in our teenage years and beyond.  

Who: Jess is a registered Psychologist, focusing on children and adolescent mental health. She recognizes the physical and mental benefits of yoga, after taking it up during her teenage years and completing her 300-hour yoga teacher training course in 2017. Jess wants to make yoga easily accessible for teenagers struggling with mental health disorders or those struggling with the stress and anxieties of daily life.