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About Chrystal Psychology

Chrystal Psychology is a private practice in Floreat, Perth. We are situated within Evandale House, amongst clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists. At Chrystal Psychology we believe that everyone has a unique set of strengths and talents that can be nurtured and fostered. 

Jess is a registered psychologist currently completing her Educational and Developmental Registrar program through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Jess completed her Masters in Educational / Developmental Psychology at Monash University in Melbourne and currently works part-time as the Junior School Psychologist at Trinity College in East Perth. She has had extensive experience in the areas of Autism, Learning Difficulties, challenging behaviours, and attention and concentration difficulties. Jess uses an evidence based approach to assessment and therapy and is committed to helping children discover their  hidden talents, developing greater confidence, draw upon their inner strength and discover their full potential. 



Chrystal Psychology provides you and your child evidence based assessment investigating a variety of developmental concerns, including: 

  • Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Clarification of suspected learning difficulties 
  • Identification of intellectual disabilities, including self care ability and cognitive development 
  • Challenging behaviours including attention, concentration, impulse control and hyperactivity 

An initial consultation is needed to gather appropriate background information, including discussing developmental history, any previous assessments or interventions and to explore current parental concerns and issues. Assessment sessions will vary depending on the referral concern.

A comprehensive report will be provided following the assessment sessions. Results and recommendations will be explained and discussed in a feedback session with parent or caregiver.

Please refer to 'Fees' section of this website for the cost and process of assessments




Chrystal Psychology provides evidence based intervention to support children, adolescents and families with a range of behavioural, social and emotional concerns. We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients, providing a warm and caring environment, where children and families are able to express their concerns freely.  

Therapy can be offered on a one-to-one basis or with multiple family members. A developmental history is gathered initially so the psychologist can tailor the intervention to the clients unique situation. The psychologist uses a range of different therapies and techniques to promote a sense of hope, enabling the client to develop greater self-awareness, resilience and confidence. 





Chrystal Psychology can be found at 80 Evandale St, Floreat 6014

Please don't hesitate to contact Jess for more information

P: 0414 790 220